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Spring - shoulder strap pocket

Spring - shoulder strap pocket

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rebelt Spring - an additional pocket on the shoulder strap of the backpack for a bottle with a drink or storing small things that you want to always have at hand. The body of the pocket is made of flexible polyamide and can hold quite a decent load. The entrance hole can be pulled down using a rubber band with a plastic stopper. The pocket is suitable for narrower bottles with a diameter of approx. 7 cm.

The pocket is primarily intended for all Rebelt backpacks that do not have fixed elastic pockets on the straps.
In the basic version, the backpacks have a shoulder strap without pockets, but already with preparation for attaching this pocket. The pocket can be conveniently slipped onto the shoulder strap and fixed using plastic clips.

The attachment may not be suitable for backpacks of other brands and it may not be possible to attach it to the backpack!

Material X-Pac VX42 (back of pocket), LS07 (top edge) + flexible polyamide - color of your choice.

Height 20 cm, width 7 cm .

Weight of one pocket 40 g.

Made in České Budějovice.

Production time approx. 2 weeks.

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