All products rebelt they are made of first-class and durable materials.

As the main material for the production of backpacks, bags and wallets, I use the top 4-layer laminate X-Pac in the VX variant and 2-layer laminate of the new generation LiteSkin. These are materials of the German company DIMENSION-POLYANT produced in the USA.

The X-Pac material consists of four layers that are laminated to each other and thus form a solid unit.

Nylon is used as the top layer in different weights, given in Denier units. X-shaped polyester fibers (a typical feature of this material) are inserted under the top layer, which give the fabric strength in the diagonal direction. The third layer consists of a thin PET film, which ensures absolute waterproofness. The bottom layer is made of 50D polyester fabric.

Unlike X-Pac, the Lite Skin material consists of only two layers. Nylon is used for the bottom support layer and non-woven polyester with polyester resin is used on the facing side. It is a very thin material with good abrasion resistance.

It is therefore not a classic material with a waterproof coating, but a truly top-quality laminate that stands out for its absolute waterproofness and high resistance to abrasion in relation to its weight.

For production I use X-Pac in three VX variants:

VXO7 - the lightest option I use. It forms the top layer Nylon 70D woven using the ripstop method.
The weight of the material is 162 g/m2.

Currently available in colors... grey , black, white and red.

VX21 - medium weight material with the best weight/resistance ratio. It forms the top layer Nylon 210D woven with a classic plain weave. This variant has 80% more abrasion resistance than the VX07 variant. The weight of the material is 203 g/m2.
Currently available in the colors (Black) , dark blue (Navy blue) , purple (Bright purple), Light blue (Bahama blue) , turquoise (Spanish teal), vinous (Port), yellow (Federal yellow), dark green (Dark green), bamboo (Bamboo), medium blue (Deep blue), dark grey (Slate grey)

VX42 - the heaviest and at the same time the most durable material in my production. It forms the top layer Nylon 420D woven with a plain weave. X-Pac in this variant is very resistant to abrasion. This variant has almost 90% more abrasion resistance than the VX21 variant. The weight of the material is 284 g/m2.
Currently available only in gray and black color.

I use the Lite Skin material in the thinnest version marked LS07.

LSO7 - it forms the supporting layer Nylon 70D woven using the ripstop method. The weight of the material is 115 g/m2.
Currently available in black-gray color.

For the outer pockets of the backpacks, I use durable solid mesh (only in black) or elastic polyamide.
Currently available in colors - black, red, light blue, dark blue, purple, light green, yellow , coral.

In production, I also use other materials such as polyester and nylon fabrics, PAD straps in different widths, polyester edging for cleaning products or original zippers of the proven YKK brand. I use EVA foams with a closed cell structure for fillings in shoulder straps, waist belts and back parts of backpacks. I sew all products with Amann threads.

I always try to choose only the highest quality materials that give the products a long life.

I do not use materials with PVC coating for production!

... with ease for adventure ...