About me

rebel ...one head, two hands and four machines.

Hello, my name is Martin Kubeš.

For ten years now, I have been tinkering with every piece that is created under the rebelt brand in a small workshop in České Budějovice. Sewing is a full-time job for me and a great hobby at the same time. I live from morning to night designing, manufacturing, testing backpacks and other products.

I specialize in the production of light backpacks, bags and accessories intended for an active stay in nature. A large part of my production is also frame bags for bikepacking. I use only first-class materials and components for production. I place great emphasis on the precise processing of all products.

Products from my workshop are used for their expeditions by, for example, traveler Dan Přibáň, polar explorer Vašek Sůra, extreme biker Pavel Richtr or adventurer Matúš Lašan, who with my backpack went around the whole of Iceland and crossed Europe from the Black Sea to the Atlantic.

I am pleased that customers from 18 countries around the world, from Japan to Canada, have found their way to my products.

I will be happy if you choose one of my products for your adventures and I look forward to meeting you somewhere in nature.

If you want to read how I got into sewing, here's an option... Forbes.cz

Carpe diem

... with ease for adventure ...