Torso length measurement

How to measure the dimensions needed to make a backpack?

Well fitting backpack is the foundation of every adventure. It will guarantee that you will feel comfortable the entire time you wear it and will save you a lot of energy. That is why it is advisable to really care about measuring the necessary dimensions.

Two main dimensions are needed to make a custom backpack. And it torso size or not the distance between the seventh cervical vertebra and the upper edge of the pelvis . Then the circumference of the lumbar part of the pelvis (the distance between the upper edges of the pelvic bones, measured across the back ) . Below you will find instructions for measuring them correctly.

How to do it?

Torso length measurement.

Bend your head down to the chest, to find the seventh cervical vertebra more easily. On the back of the neck you should have a small bump it is the seventh cervical vertebra. So for you, it means a starting point for measurement. During the measurement itself already you have head straight.

The next step is finding upper edge of the pelvis. The average woman between the upper edges of the pelvic bones is located roughly at the level of the navel . It is advisable to use string for this step . Take it easy upper edge one pelvic bones , attach to it one the end of the string. Lead the rest of the string over the back to the k the second edge pelvic bones .

Ask someone to measure the distance between the seventh cervical vertebra and string so , that he will lead the meter as close as possible to the spine . It is advisable to use a tailor's tape measure, because it best adapts to the shape of the spine and the measured dimensions will be as accurate as possible. Keep your whole torso in an upright position, as you can measure a different length in a relaxed position.

Measurement circumference of the lumbar part of the pelvis.

We proceed similarly as in the case of the auxiliary string, just t we will use a meter. Let's feel it out front the edge of the pelvis of the bone (approx. 3 cm lower than the upper edge). TO her we attach one end of the meter. We pass the other end over the back to the second pelvic bones, where we again feel the front edge and here we will end the measurement. This dimension is important especially for a tight waist belt. So if you count on your backpack with a fixed lumbar m belt , make sure to measure this dimension.


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