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Rock - waist belt pocket

Rock - waist belt pocket

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Padded waist belt pocket for Stream 35, Stream 45, Lake 40, Lake 50 or custom waist belt pack.

In the basic design, the Rebelt backpacks have a waist belt without pockets, but already with preparation for attaching this pocket. The pocket can be conveniently slipped onto the waist belt and fixed.

The pocket is produced in two variants...right and left (seen with the backpack on the back). If you want pockets for both parts of the waist belt, you must order 1x left and 1x right variant.

X-Pac VX21 or VX07 material.

Length 18 cm, height 14 cm, depth 3.5 cm .

Weight of one pocket 40 g.

Made in České Budějovice.

Production time from ordering is approx. 2 weeks.

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